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December 14, 2009

Comments on “Developing A Community of Learners”

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Download the article here.   Developing A Community of Learners

This is an old idea, but one that needs to be said out loud every couple of years so that people won’t forget how well a collaborative, Project Based Learning classroom can function if it is set up correctly and is given time to blossom.  I thought that the Zoo class sounded fantastic, but like the author was surprised to hear that such a place actually existed.   It seems like a luxury in this time of layoffs and budget cuts; however, I would love to see this model at least considered when new schools are developed.  The trend in my area has been for increased technology but also consolidation of population.  Hampton is building two K-8 schools despite the fact that many researchers agree that small learning communities are more successful in promoting student sucess and reduceing the achievment gap.  I would lvoe to think that school boards consider research when making big decisions about construction but my guess is that they mostly play it safe and follow a historical model.

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